Erika Vogt

1973, USA; lives and works in Los Angeles

The studio, as a physical space where images and objects are made, is the center of Erika Vogt’s work. In it, after being involved in experimental film, the artist moves from one medium to another, constantly shifting the weight of matter on the surface of video and prints. She constructs films like sculptures, superposing successive layers of images, just as she creates objects which, because they do not seem to be completely finished, belong to a cinematic field, forever in the making. Seven human-sized elements make up this new installation titled Rattlers (2018). If some sculptures are quite abstract, we nevertheless recognize among them hats and jackets, as well as tools whose arrow-shaped extremities liken them to weapons. Their warrior dimension fades when we see their colored papier-mâché surface which brings them closer to the cartoon world. In extending her thoughts about the history of sculpture and the economic and social role of objects, E. Vogt has become interested in the forms produced by different prehistoric and ancient cultures, and the societies which made them. As colorful deformed copies of originals observed in museums, these tools here seem on the point of turning into humans, unless it is the other way round. According to the artist, the fact that they seem prehensile and usable introduces between the work and the visitor a form of “empathy”. Although they are mounted on rods which incorporate their own stand and thus connect them to the ground, these forms do not seem to be fixed, caught in an unstable bundle, a constantly evolving language.

Avec le soutien de / with the support of Ambassade des États-Unis d’Amérique

Avec la participation de /with the participation of Passerelle centre d’art contemporain 

Halle de la Courrouze

Rattlers, 2018

Fabric, glue, foamcoat, paint, varnish and mixed media
Courtesy of the artist.
Production Les Ateliers de Rennes – 2018.
With the support of the Embassy of the United States of America and in partnership with Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, Brest.