Julien Creuzet

1986, France ; lives and works in Paris

We walk through Julien Creuzet’s installations to the sound of his voice, wrapped in his songs and poems. Providing titles for his works, his meandering sentences echo with that heritage so peculiar to the French language of the Caribbean, loaded with shocks and the unexpected. So in the Halle de la Courrouze you can read (…) Me sens-tu par terre, Petit jeux, Cheveux dans la poussière. Source solaire, Je suis sorcière. Tête dans les airs, Vénère, Endocrinien androgyne, Sans ovaire, J’ai rdv à 9h, Douceur du coeur, À 9h, J’ai des attentes à 9h, Mésentente à 9h, J’ai des humeurs à 9h, Sueur fureur à 9h. À 9h ou à n’importe quelle heure (…)* In this new installation (2018), three self-supporting structures recall the protected and fertile ecosystem of mangroves. To the nighttime sound of crickets, their branches and roots, covered with iridescent fabrics, support screens which show us a couple pushing each other. The smoke they blow at each other’s faces fills the screen and intoxicates their relation, while the image becomes disturbed, it “glitches” as if they were literally on different wavelengths. Yet we can read on an engraved board that the story started with a “match”, a promising compatibility announced by the Tinder encounters app. Here, an unmade bed, there a clock showing the wrong time, tell of a gradual de-synchronization. The text messages displayed overlap with J. Creuzet’s phrasing, there is something oral in the writing. “My whole backwash, the same sad song, the same, with the same words. So you can see, my sad disaster, in front of the TV, head filled with smoke. This is a moving-in, because it’s important to open up, lay bare, one’s thoracic load. This is an encampment of rending, I am separate, scattered, all over the place”. On the sculptures, two birds are perched. The disparate fabrics which clad them are juxtaposed in a patchwork which echoes the freely associated words of the songs ringing out in different parts of the venue. These tunes which intermingle, these images and textures which brush against one another, form an acoustic and visual collage in which tales of love and otherness are told.

  • [Do you feel me on the ground, Little games, Hair in the dust. Solar source, I am a witch. Head in the air, bitter, androgynous endocrinien, without ovaries, appointment at 9 am, Sweetness from the heart, at 9am, expectations at 9am, bad blood at 9am, sweat and fury at 9am. At 9am or at any time (…)]

Halle de la Courrouze

(...) Me sens tu par terre, petit jeux, cheveux dans la poussière. Source solaire, je suis sorcière. Tête dans les airs, vénère, endocrinien androgyne, sans ovaire, j’ai rdv à 9h, douceur du coeur, à 9h, j’ai des attentes à 9h, mésentente à 9h, j’ai des humeurs à 9h, sueur fureur à 9h. À 9h ou à n’importe quelle heure (...), 2018

Chair from Fontenay-sous-Bois, raffia wreath and rope from Istanbul, plastic, Léna's clothes, fabric from an Emmaüs thrift shop, my mother's dentures, earshell, metal structures, liters of glue, engravings on wood, videos, wood, clock, fabrics, leather, bling-bling, bottle, bunches of dried dates, sound, text messages, glass from Chicago, copper from Bogota
Courtesy of the artist.
Production Les Ateliers de Rennes – 2018.