Rennes Art Weekend

A public and professional visual arts event in Rennes

From November 15 to 18, 2018

Organized in several European cities such as Anvers (Belgium), Zurich (Switzerland), Copenhagen and Aarhus (Denmark) or Milan (Italy), the Art Weekend is a short term event which aims to highlight a local art scene (its actors, initiatives, and artists). The Art Weekend gathers the general public as well as the professionals in an original program of events.
It enables to bring together the visual arts local actors around a common project.

Rennes is a regional capital with an extensive art scene. Indeed, the Métropole gathers a contemporary art center, a brand new FRAC, an international Biennale, two higher education institutions (the EESAB and the Rennes 2 University), an extensive nonprofit and sociocultural network, and a large art scene supported by ambitious local politics.
If these wealth and potential are a driving force in Rennes and Brittany, there are not yet clearly identified by the national and international art scene.

A Festival of Visual Arts in Rennes

For a weekend, the Rennes Art Weekend represents a real festival of visual arts within Rennes. It is designed and coordinated collectively with the local actors and networks. Its primary mission is to enjoy the dynamic of Les Ateliers de Rennes – Contemporary Art Biennale in order to put the spotlight on Rennes Métropole’s initiatives and visual artists’ fish tank. The aim of a contemporary art biennale is to activate its local art scene.

A professional section for the artists

A professional section is also organized and supported by the Ministry of Culture.
Around twenty curators (independent curators and heads of institutions) from all over Europe will come to discover Rennes and the artistic scene of Brittany.

Professional meetings between curators and artists are organized on the mornings of November 16 and 17, 2018. A call for participation to these professional meetings is offered to the artists who live and work in Rennes and in Brittany to represent the quality and diversity of the regional artistic scene.

Download our call for participation in French

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