The 5th edition

5th edition of the Ateliers de Rennes - biennale d’art contemporain
1st October - 11 December 2016

Incorporated! aims to provide a freeze-frame of a world where everything is in constant circulation, in broken lines: our attention perpetually captured, then dispersed; a permanent state of alert; a confusion of feelings. Ours is a world determined by the economy, by a succession of crises constituting a system, and by a constant stream of information. The contours of this world have become increasingly blurred. Technology and relationships, consumers and products have become interchangeable, and the boundaries separating the individual and the community, the private and the public spheres, the singular and the multiple, have long since merged.
François Piron, curator of this 5th edition of Les Ateliers de Rennes invites twenty-nine artists, diverse in their practices, creative processes and geographical origins. A special focus is put on new productions and the showing of important retrospective or specially commissioned sets.
The public will also be offered a large scale artistic project, with a greater number of exhibitions, varying in size and scope, all defined in close collaboration with the thirteen actors and venues involved: ten in Rennes and three in Brittany (Brest, Quimper, Saint-Brieuc).

Curator: François Piron
assisted by Marie de Gaulejac
Organisation: Art Norac
Implementation (production / communication/ mediation) : le troisième pole